Photo of Brock Deep Ripp showing strong construction


Photo of Brock Deep Ripp showing maximum working depth


Close up Photo of Brock Deep Ripp showing easily interchangeable wearing parts



The Deep Ripp

When J Brock & Sons had a request from a farming operation in North Africa for a subsoiler to rip down to depths of 1m (39 inches) we realised a wholly different machine concept was required…

The final design for the BROCK Deep Ripp was a 6m, 7 shank ripper, built with strong enough to be pulled with the largest tractors and bulldozers that stood taller than a man when lowered to the ground! In spite of this enormous strength and scale of the Deep Ripp, through innovative design the complete machine can be loaded into a 20 ft shipping container with minimal dismantling. For the customer in Northern Africa, key benefits of the design included:

  • • Land reclamation and deep tillage projects in extreme areas of the world
  • • Ground and pan bursting as well as drainage assistance
  • • Designed to work at depths of up to 1m
  • • 6m working width with 7 tines
  • • Delivery by 20ft container to all areas of the world
  • • Easy assembly and simple use
  • • Good range of wearing parts
  • • Designed for high horsepower and heavy traction prime movers
  • • Extremely heavy and durable construction throughout
  • • Simple componentry and hydraulics


Deep Ripp in action

The Deep Ripp is designed for hard terrain. The North African desert is one of the toughest farming environments on the planet.


Deep Ripp in the desert

The Deep Ripp can be fitted into a standard shipping container for easy transport to remote parts of the world.


Working conditions

Sand, dust, arid conditions and remoteness require the toughest of machinery to keep on working effectively.