Photo of the Brock UnderBurst 3060 working

Frame design

Photo of the Brock UnderBurst 3060 at Cereals 2015

Low Folding
Extra strength

Original CAD drawing of the Brock UnderBurst 3060 in its initial design stages

Packer design

UnderBurst 30/60

The Under Burst 30/60

The request for the Under-Burst came from a Potato grower in Essex who wanted a 6m soil loosener for his 360hp tractor. However he also wanted the facility to use the same machine at 3m for loosening the deep tracks made by the potato trailers when they were pulled off the field. Thus was born the UnderBurst 30/60…

The resulting UnderBurst 6m soil loosener, although compact in dimensions is exceptionally strong through design. This compact design means that while it is rated for tractors of 400hp + in its 6m form – when folded up as a 3m machine it can be used on tractors of just 200hp. The unique design also incorporates other benefits including:

  • • Proven investment into known cultivation technique
  • • Can be used by more than one tractor size for either 6m or 3m use
  • • Easily replaceable components
  • • Very strong frame, reducing chance of downtime through breakage
  • • Low folding for stability and visibility
  • • Built for both CAT3 and CAT4 linkage option


UnderBurst 3060

Designed to loosen deeply compacted soil, the UnderBurst is small but very strong.


UnderBurst demo

The UnderBurst 3060 showing how effectively it loosens and breaks up compacted soils.

Photo of Brock UnderBurst 3060 loosening the soil

Small but effective

The system of fully interchangeable components on the SuperTill enables it to be completely re-configured for different roles.