Brock Equipment:The history

The History of Brock equipment goes back many years to when the Brock family were farming 300 acres of heavy clay soils near the village of Thaxted in Essex. As it was a solely arable farm with no cattle in the 1960's Mr J. Brock's three sons commenced the current business of J Brock & Sons and spent the winter months buying and selling used farm equipment. The three sons continue to be involved in Agriculture with J Brock & Sons focusing on sales and export of used cultivation & drilling machinery to the Arable sector, BWT supplying Agricultural Wheels and tyres and Oakfields Ag primarily supplying tractors and some older equipment to arable and stock farmers.

It is through J Brock & Sons that the passion and fascination with equipment design began. With the excellent J Brock & Sons workshop facilities in constant use through the past 45 years and continuing. In performing modifications and repairs to all various used equipment existing design challenges and limitations were often evident which caused more thought and dreaming!

Commencing in 2008 J Brock & Sons had produced several unique machines on a 'one-off' basis from the specific requests of customers the decision was taken to focus on two or three of these machines and formally launch a new product range to the market. This formal launch of this new equipment range named BROCK took place on 8th January 2015 at J Brock & Sons premises followed by the display to a wider audience at Lamma 3 weeks later. Thereby a new name in Agricultural equipment was born with a unique product offering.

It is from customer requests that all the Brock range has been born. Often started when a germ of an idea met a farmer whose need couldn't be fulfilled by any existing machine on the market. Hence each machine in the Brock range has been unique by definition. This interaction with farmers has allowed the innovation from within the company to be applied very appropriately to the current needs of the industry.

With the innovation and engineering passion from within the company and our continuing interaction with our farming customers the current range is destined to expand. Our commitment is to apply the innovation in a way that helps our farming customers both within the UK and further afield. We look forward to working with you further…!