Photo of the Brock SuperDisc cultivator on show at Brock Open Day 2016


Photo of a recently sold Brock SuperDisc cultivator on show at Brock Open Day 2016

Set up

Close up photo of the working discs on a Brock SuperDisc 660


SuperDisc 660

Brock SuperDisc 660

The SuperDisc 660 has been specially designed as a versatile and rugged, multi-purpose cultivator for small to medium sized fields. It unfolds to a working width of 6.6metres, with 26 interlocking discs on each side, followed by 30 interlocking roller wheels for maximum effectiveness in preparing compacted ground for seeding.

It folds to an easily towable 3metres wide, is quick and easy to set up and, together with its heavy duty construction, provides a genuine long term soil preparation solution.

It is currently available from stock at J Brock & Sons.


SuperDisc 660 at Brock Open Day

The SuperDisc 660 was on show at the 2016 Brock Open Day in November. Visitors were also treated to a full working demonstration.

Close up photo of the wearing parts and discs on a Brock SuperDisc 660

Rugged Construction

The SuperDisc is designed to provide a full soil preparation solution and to keep on doing it. It's built to last.

Photo showing the rugged construction of the Brock SuperDisc 660

Maximum Effectiveness

The system of interlocking discs and rollers ensures that soil is turned and broken up over the entire area. Working depths are fully adjustable.