Brock UnderBurst 30/60 working photo


Photo of Brock 2040 Double Lock Roller demonstration at Cereals 2016

Double Lock
Roller 2040

Photo of Brock Deep Ripp in action in the North African desert



Brock Ag at Cereals 2016

The Brock range of equipment created a stir at the Cereals 2016 event on 15 & 16th June. Held at Chrishall Grange near Duxford in Cambridgshire, this was the first time the public had ever had opportunity to see a 20m wide roller in action. Working on the demo plot behind the stand the BROCK Double-Lock TM Roller 2040 certainly drew the crowds – see the working videos here.

In addition the BROCK 15 tine Underburst 30/60 was shown working on the demo plot as well as on static display. Visitors to the stand were impressed with the exceptionally strong yet compact design as well as its ability to be used at 3m with 7 tines by simply folding the wings over. Using it as a 3m 7 tine machine allows use on tough headlands & wheel tracks when using 6m takes too much power. This also means it can be used on smaller tractors if required.

All in all a very successful show for the BROCK range with lots of attention from the Farming Press as well as a large selection from the thousands of attendees.