Close up photo of Brock SuperTill 530 showing heavy duty discs

Of Use

Close up photo of Brock SuperTill 530 at work

Heavy Duty

 Working photo of Brock SuperTill 530 from the rear


SuperTill 530

The Super Till 530

The Super Till 530 is all about flexibility. It can be put to a wide range of uses, is adaptable to most ground conditions, can be operated in difficult weather conditions and because of its extra rugged construction can be used for the kind of heavy duty cultivation often necessary in UK conditions.

It comes with two rows of heavy duty 26inch discs for full chopping and mixing of stubble, two rows of adjustabe depth springtines and nine heavy duty deep subsoiling legs arranged in double V formation for maximum effectiveness.

  • • It comes with flotation depth wheels, covering the whole width of the machine, which also double for transport
  • • It has a full width packer system with adjustable pressure control to allow operation in less favourable weather or ground conditions
  • • It is capable of maximum tillage from Autumn cereal stubbles, through to full preparation tillage for deep till crops like maize and potato crops
  • • Interchangeability of all components mean one machine that can be configured to your soil and crop conditions and changed as and when the need arises
  • • Flexible construction to avoid tortional stress and ensure longevity of components
  • • 8 flotation wheels provide full width ground support to avoid headland rutting and give a full spectrum of different consolidation options
  • • Can run with some sections completely removed for a lighter and faster operation
  • • Full horsepower utilisation for larger operations


SuperTill 530

Totally versatile and adaptable with the ability to meet most tillage needs.


Rugged Construction

The SuperTill is designed to fulfil a wide variety of needs and be fully adaptable without compromising long-term reliability or longevity.

Working demonstration photo of the Brock SuperTill 530 at Cereals 2015

Truly versatile

The system of fully interchangeable components on the SuperTill enables it to be completely re-configured for different roles.